Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Treatments and Implants in Zagreb, Croatia
    Modern equipment and technology, top quality materials and interdisciplinary cooperation.
    Guarantee of top quality work in the most demanding technical and aesthetic surgery.
    Individual approach and commitment to each patient is important part of our practice.

Aesthetic, restorative and implant dentistry Croatia

We are specialized in aesthetic, restorative and implant dentistry and in the most demanding technical and aesthetic dental surgery, proven in the long-term active work and experience. Our dental laboratory nurtures a tradition of two decades, with the guarantee of top quality dental work. Subtle blend of modern dental technology, top quality materials and interdisciplinary cooperation enables providing superior dental service to all our patients, at affordable prices.

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Our Dental Services

All our dental work is characterized by high quality production, aesthetics and functions! We combine veneers, crowns, bridges, shape correction with composite or chips so we can completely change your smile.


Nobel Biocare implant system, Astra Tech Dental implant system, GTR/GBR, Sinus lift, Straumman implant system, Zimmer implant system, MIS implant system

Esthetic and restorative dental medicine

We have many years of active participation and experience in the area of aesthetic dentistry, restorative dentistry and implantology and we constantly invest in new technologies and knowledge.

Endodoncy / Teeth curing

Endodontic treatment of teeth is sometimes carried out when making extensive prosthetic appliances, such as bridges. Machine endodoncy is the latest dental technology for cleaning and spreading root canal with machine tools.


Our dental office is equipped with the latest modern radiological equipment: RVG (digital radiovisiography), Digital panoramic X (image of the entire jaw).


Branch of dentistry that deals with growth, development and maintenance of teeth and achieving harmony of mouth and jaw. Fixed orthodontic, Mobile orthodontic.


All our splints are made of the finest materials and are pleasant to wear. Sports splints, Anti bruxism splints - Splints against bruxism and grinding, Anti snoring splints, Whitening splints.


Branch of dentistry that deals with the health and treatment of the supporting structures of the teeth. Gingival curettage, Gingivoplasty (smile line surgery), GBR/GTR, Hemisection and amputation of the root.


Surgical extraction of retinated and impacted teeth, Alveotomy (Extraction or removal of wisdom teeth), Root resection/apicotomy, Corticotomy, Frenulectomy

Experiences of our patients


High quality Guarantee

Our professionalism and continuous improvement, the latest technology and top-quality materials as well as the laboratory with the latest technology and highly trained professional staff and more than 20 years of experience with the most demanding aesthetic and technological procedures guarantee top quality.

In 2006, the laboratory became the first licensed NobelProcera laboratory for Croatia, it is important to highlight that the NobelProcera company is a world leader in prosthetic solutions.

Since 2011 the office and lab wear SGS ISO 9001: 2008 quality certificate, which meet the highest international quality standards and management.

Each patient with implants (Nobel BiocareTM, Astra Tech Dental and Straumann) receives a booklet of implants with a unique serial number as a guarantee of authenticity and quality

We give a warranty for all prosthetics that remain in the mouth.

  • NobelProceraTM (alumina, zirconia, titanium, a base metal alloy cobalt-chrome): 5 years
    • Every patient with NobelProcera prosthetic work recieves the manufacturer's and laboratory's certificate with a unique serial number as a guarantee of originality and product quality
  • Zircon ceramic, Emax ceramics 5 years
  • Metal-ceramic cast works (cobalt-chrome, gold): 10 Years
  • The premium brand implants (Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Astra Tech) lifetime warranty
  • The MIS implants and Zimmer 5 years

Our Certificates

Quality Certificate
Quality Certificate
NobelProcera Certificate

Our Team of Experts

Private dental practice Stomatologija & Estetika Ltd specializes in the field of esthetic and restorative dental medicine, as well as implantology. We always strive for the best in our work, which is why we are constantly investing in new technologies and knowledge. Important part of our practice is insistence on the individual approach and full committment to each of our patients, with complete care for his/her smile and health.

Our location in Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia and a big dental tourism destination. Zagreb International Airport "Franjo Tuđman" is well connected with the rest of Europe, as well as the UK. With direct flight, you could be in our dental clinic in few hours.

Virtual tour of Our Dental Offices

Virtual tour of Our Offices

Our Prices

Prices of dental treatments in Croatia are up to 70% lower than those in the UK and Europe. Stomatologija & Estetika team of dental experts guarantees you the highest quality of dental care at affordable prices!

Implantology Prices in £ *Discount 20%
Implant Nobel Biocare/Straumann 680 544
Abutment for implant Straumann/Nobel Biocare 195 156
External maxillary sinus floor elevation and bone augmentation 772 618
Internal maxillary sinus floor elevation 231 185
Bone augmentation 194 155
Dental Restorations Prices in £ *Discount 20%
Ceramic crown on wirron metal 194 155
Zirconium-ceramic crown 356 285
Ceramic veneer 389 311
Temporary crown FREE
Complete denture (acrylic) 778 622
Conservative Dentistry Prices in £ *Discount 20%
Aesthetic white filling 45 36
Root canal/1 canal/2 canal/3 canal 65/91/123 52/73/98
Philips ZOOM lamp whitening /per jaw 185 148
Peridontology Prices in £ *Discount 20%
Root planing and scalling/per jaw/with laser 247 198
Tartar ablation /per jaw 43 34
Con beam CT 93 74
First visit FREE
Panoramic x-ray FREE
Payment Methods

Payment can be made by:

  • Cash
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit cards (all credit cards are accepted)

*For cash and bank transfer payment discount 20%

Free Accommodation

For many people, going to the dentist is both economic and physical suffering. In addition to dental services, we offer our patients and their companions free accommodation during their stay in Zagreb! Our apartments are located next to our studio, in a quiet area and are fully equipped and furnished.

Attractions in Zagreb

Dental Tourism in Croatia - Croatia is recognized abroad as a destination for various dental treatments.

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, rich in decorated and elegant palaces, is a city to live in. Situated on the banks of the Sava River, completely surrounded by woods and parks, Zagreb is divided into two parts connected by a funicular: the Upper Town, the oldest part of the capital, and the Lower Town. The city is full of museums, galleries, theaters and palaces of the Austro-Hungarian, Baroque architecture.

Help Center

Where: Zagreb, Croatia

Address: Janka Matka 6, 10000 Zagreb

Easiest way to get to Zagreb: Plane / Bus

Prices: Send us an e-mail to info@zagrebdentistry.co.uk to discuss your treatment needs

Accommodation: Free accommodation for you and your accompanying partner

Transport to the clinic: No need to worry, our driver will pick you up from the airport/bus station

We’re located in Zagreb, capital of Croatia. Zagreb is well connected to all major European cities, so you could be here in just couple of hours when traveling by plane.

No need to worry, we got you covered! Our driver will pick you up at the airport, bus or railway station and take you to our clinic. We also offer free accommodation for all of our patients and their accompanying partners. You will be staying in apartments, which are fully equipped and furnished, next to our clinic and in a quiet area. We want you to feel comfortable and if you need someone by your side to provide you some comfort and support, we want to make that person comfortable as well.

To get an estimated quote, send us an inquiry about your desired treatment to info@sie.hr. If you have a panoramic x-ray, please forward it via e-mail as well so we can get a better idea of your current dental situation. Our team at Zagreb Implant Dentistry is known for its tailor-made approach to each individual’s needs – the definite treatment and its cost will be based on our final suggestion, after a thorough dental check-up in our clinic, but with respect to your wishes and personal needs and abilities.

We offer to include an x-ray or a CT (3D x-ray imaging technique), depending on your dental situation and required treatment, as a part of the free first consultation, should you decide to visit our clinic. Based on the x-ray/CT we will then further suggest the definitive treatment protocol, cost and treatment duration.

You will get an estimated time of stay before coming to Zagreb (which is rather convenient when buying plane tickets, eh?) The number of visits and days spent in Zagreb depends on the complexity of the procedures that you require. We also respect your body and its healing abilities!

Well, there’s always a fair chance you’ll be able to get the treatment you need in one day. That is if you need less complex procedures, such as restorative treatment (fillings) or teeth whitening. Conversely, prosthetic works, implants and surgery take time and are done in steps. We fully respect your body and its abilities to keep the mouth open, as well as respecting dental technicians in working their magic when making your porcelain veneers or bridges. They say Rome wasn’t built in a day and we can only agree to that.

Our prices are lower simply because prices of dental work in general are lower here in Croatia. Yes, you can save up to 70% for certain treatments without giving up quality. Actually, the team of Zagreb Implant Dentistry prides itself in providing high quality service.

As a part of our dental clinic, we have a dental laboratory with 25 years of tradition and experience in making people smile. This also enables us to have dental technicians at our disposal at all times for any sort of in-chair consultation when making prosthetic dental or implant works, all in the name of giving our patients the best service. If you want it on paper, then we’ll also add that both our clinic and dental lab are ISO 9001 certified. This certificate is one of the international standards developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). With it we're communicating to our customers  and to the world that we have a quality management system that meets rigorous requirements.

Yes! All of our prosthetic works (bridges, veneers etc.) get a 5-year warranty. Regular check-ups can also further extend the life of all prosthetic works. The guarantee on implants is lifelong. In order to be considered eligible for warranty, it’s necessary to have regular check-ups once a year in our practice and maintain everyday good oral hygiene. You will be instructed by our experts, in an individualized manner and accordingly with your dental situation.

We're a recommended clinic by Nobel Biocare and Straumman, world renowned implant manufacturers. They're the world's leading brands in implantology and ensure lifelong guarantee.

No! We care about our patients. We will make sure to remind you of regular yearly check-ups and be at your service if you have questions of any kind regarding your oral health.

Zagreb is beautiful irrespectively of the time of the year. It’s a city full of museums, galleries, theaters and palaces in the manner of Austro-Hungarian architecture, bars&restaurants, public and hidden gems of greenery, and it is also a city of sport. There are so many things you can do in this city of ours that you’ll have to disclose your interests first, so we can then help you find something according to your taste. smile

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